Explore Canada!

Explore Canada!


Want to discover another region of Canada, make new friends and sharpen your second language skills? There’s a bursary program that can help you do that. It’s called “Explore”.


What the program is about


Explore is a five-week intensive language-immersion course that can be taken in the spring or summer.


What previous participants are saying

“Best summer ever”, “time of my life”, “amazing people”, and “adventure” is how past participants have described their Explore experience.  The program is an opportunity to make friends and have fun while exploring another language, community and culture.

The bursary and program costs


The selected participants receive a $2,000 bursary to help them pay for tuition fees for courses, instructional materials, workshops, meals and accommodations. The cost of participating in the program, however, isn’t fully covered by the bursary. For example, the bursary does not pay for travelling to and from the program location or for personal expenses while attending the program.




The selection of applicants is made through a draw. Applicants can increase their chances of being chosen by being as flexible as possible when filling out the “Preferences” section of the application form.


A list of the eligibility criteria and of the locations where the program is offered, as well as the 2013 application form, may be found on the Explore website at: http://www.myexplore.ca/en/ . The site has information about a summer job program for Explore participants who want to practice their second language after completing their Explore program.  The site also provides a photo gallery (http://www.myexplore.ca/en/gallery/) and access to stories and reflections about the program as told by past participants (http://www.myexplore.ca/en/testimonials/).